Welcome to Avon Township

Avon Township is located in central Minnesota, approximately 15 miles NW of St. Cloud, Stearns County. The City of Avon lies roughly in the center of the township. The landscape, which was shaped by past glacial activity, is primarily rolling hills interspersed with lakes. The pre-settlement vegetation was largely oak woodlands with scattered lakes, wetlands and prairies. The flatter terrain and wetlands have made good farm land while the oak forests, many of which remain intact, provide the basis for the Avon Hills Initiative. The township is committed to preserving the rural and agricultural nature of this area. The Township is home to more than a dozen Century Farms.  Benedictine monks settled in the SE corner of the township and founded St. John’s Abbey and St. John’s University. Only a few miles away, in St. Joseph, Benedictine sisters established St. Benedict’s Monastery and the College of St. Benedict. The township is a hub of renewable energy resources: St. John’s is the site of one of the largest solar array in the upper Midwest and the Blattner Energy Corporation is the largest installer of wind turbines in the US. The Lake Wobegon Trail runs east-to-west across the entire the township highlighting the natural beauty of the area. Approximately 2300 residents live in the township.

The Town constructed a Town Hall and Maintenance Facility in October 2010 and the building was dedicated in February 2011. A salt shed was added to the site in Fall 2013.  The Avon Township Hall and Maintenance Facility is located approximately one mile north of Avon on Queens Road (16881 Queens Road, Avon, MN 56310). All township meetings, elections, and other Town activities are held at the Town Hall unless otherwise specified. The Town Hall is available for use by non-profit organizations (policy, applicationpermit).

The township is governed by a Board comprised of three Supervisors, a Clerk and Treasurer. The main responsibilities of the Town Board are to hold elections, maintain roads, hold Board of Appeal and Equalization hearings, administer township finances (Board of Audit), and be responsible for planning and zoning. The Supervisors make all final decisions about township business. The Planning Commission is comprised of five members. The purpose of the Planning Commission is to make recommendations to the Supervisors concerning variances and other issues.

Avon Township has a Noise Ordinance.   An Exemption Form should be completed if you are planning an event will violate the ordinance.

The Township Supervisors and Planning Commission meet on the first and last Wednesday, respectively, of the month. Meetings are held at Avon Township Hall 16881 Queens Road, Avon MN, 56310. Township meetings are open to the public and all are welcome. The Township Hall is handicap accessible.  To include an item on the agenda of the Board of Supervisors or Planning Commission, contact the Township Clerk (Stephen Saupe; 320.248.8036; email address). Items received less than 48 hours before the meeting cannot be guaranteed to be on the agenda until the following meeting.

Legal notices are published in the Avon/Albany Enterprise and are posted at Dahlin’s Grocery Store (Avon), The Store (St. Anna), and the Avon Township Hall (16881 Queens Road, Avon) bulletin board.

Header Image Credits:  Thanks to Barb & Joe Lang for supplying the images of the moose, otter and green heron that appear in the banner.  The moose was photographed in the Township in Fall 2012.  The otter and green heron were photographed on Pelican Lake.  The image of the groundbreaking is by RA Morton, Inc.  All others by SG Saupe.

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